Mothers, especially a new one, experience great happiness when they cradle their newborn babies in their own arms. No matter how agonizing the delivery procedure was and how tired she may be, a looks forward to the experience of motherhood and a mother immediately yearns with her infant.

Unfortunately, in many instances, the trip back from the hospital with the baby also can be the start of a nightmare for a fresh mom. When previously her baby’s thought of motherhood is centered on taking care of smiley and a cunning little one she may feel that she’s being saddled with an ‘uncontrollable’ infant. Exhaustion and lack of sleep coupled with a fussy infant can readily trigger this kind of switch in emotions.

You will find a few things you can do to make the experience of motherhood more fulfilling, if you are one of those mothers who is feeling this way.

1. Take the Initiative to Learn whether you have a fussy infant and are at a loss on how to handle the situation, be proactive and search for remedies. For example, many babies like to be rocked to sleep and the moment you put down them in their cot, they are going to start crying incessantly. Take a step back and don’t be consumed by anger or despair. Instead seek out the reason behind the issue and find out whether there are alternatives that may potentially work for your infant. Speak with other parents and check if they have encountered the same issue before. Alternatively, the web is a rich source of information and there are a number of sites that provide invaluable guidance on a wide range of issues as it pertains to baby care. You’ll have a much better idea about what exactly you can do to manage, thus, decreasing unnecessary pressure on yourself and what to expect, if you take the initiative to learn.

2. Be Adaptable – sometimes, this may not necessarily be a good thing and We are all creatures of habit. For example, you might have a list of chores that you just need each morning to do but are now finding it difficult before your infant wakes up for the day to squeeze in all of the tasks. If that’s true, redo your list and move your chores about. There is no fixed rule to say that you have to do the laundry at a specific time is there? Similarly, for those who have not vacuumed the floor so be it. If you are tired, get yourself some rest when your infant nods off and leave the not-so-urgent chores. Try and be adaptive and arrange yourself around the program of your baby’s.

Young mother feeding her newborn baby.

3. Keep in touch with your Spouse We all recognize that communication is an important element in any relationship. But it’s also something which is quite easily overlooked, especially when a baby arrives, as our time and attention are now totally diverted to the exclusion of everything else, sometimes towards the infant. Consequently, you need to make time to talk to your spouse and tell him your feelings and issues, if any. Support him to be involved in caring for the baby and moreover, learn to let go and let him take charge if he is not unwilling.

4. Consider the Bright Side – then tell yourself that the one and only way is up if you’re at the bottom now. Be favorable because the hard moments do not continue. After all, your infant will grow and all the problems that you are facing now will most likely not be there within even weeks or months.

Sometimes, the problem is also compounded by the lack of help from the partner, notably when he is not consistently household because of work obligations, leading to the mom having to shoulder the weight of childcare on her own. This caused resentment to build up and jointly with the exhaustion, they become a powerful mix for quarrels to take place. The downhill slide into further unhappiness and depression is but a step away in a situation like this.

Yes, being a mom isn’t easy, what more if you’re new to the task. But whatever negative feelings you may have, learn to put the away. don’t dwell on them. Instead concentrate on bringing your baby to the best of your ability up by adopting the few ideas above and/or whatever means that may be helpful. If you learn to appreciate your baby, you’ll find motherhood a much more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.


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